“A Dip in the Lake” by John Cage (1978).

Warrick Sony performs in the European premiere run of a score : a tribute to the great American composer John Cage
“A Dip in the Lake” by John Cage (1978).

dip  in the lakePotenza, teatro F. Stabile
domenica 17 febbraio 2013, ore 21
ingresso libero
Sunday, February 17, 2013, at 21.30
translated from the Italian:

brings to an end, the Festival City of 100 steps, organized by the Basilicata 1799, the project curated by Stefano Zorzanello, musician and researcher SoundScape Research Group, began in 2009 with the collaboration of Sound Journeys, in ‘ scope of Art in transit and then the Festival City of 100 stairs.

The event becomes the protagonist in the international city of Potenza through its sounds recorded, mapped and uploaded to the web in order to enable the simultaneous performance of musicians located in various parts of the world: a true multimedia performance in which artists interact under the guidance of Stefano Zorzanello.

Occasion will also be presented a valuable booklet, entitled “A dip in the Lake”   focuses on the experience, the score and the music of Cage, with contributions from some of the leading international experts in the art of the composer U.S..

“A Dip in the Lake”,  written by Cage in 1977 for the city of Chicago, is an unusual composition, utopian and visionary “for listeners, performers, makers of recordings.” The score includes various stages of implementation: identification through random processes of 427 points on the urban territory, the organization in paths, again by random processes, consisting of 10 groups of two sites each (quicksteps), 61 groups three (waltz) and 56 groups of four (speed), and finally, the visits in each of the sites, in the order defined by each route, with the freedom to listen, making recordings, perform performance.

To achieve the first European performance in power and second absolute world of  “A Dip in the Lake”, it was decided to focus on the aspect of recording: the participants in the various phases of the workshop was carried out on 427 places in the city short recordings which were then uploaded to an online map and will be executed, processed, and ridonate the public Power network and Sunday, February 17 from a group of ten musicians, five of which will be in the theater Potenza and five play in connection skype from five different continents:     http://www.cittacentoscale.it/?option=com_content&view=article&id=242

Lawrence Inglese from Brisbane,

Teo Cromberg from Buenos Aires,

Warrick Sony from Cape Town,

Domenico Sciajno from Rome,

Constantine Katsiris from Vancouver.

The performance, which you can watch live webcast of this site will be preceded by a workshop on improvisation, electro-acoustic, open to all interested persons, conducted on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February from Stephen F. Zorzanello at the theater Stable, made available by the city of Potenza, which sponsored the event.


“A Dip in the Lake” is a score that disrupts the normal coordinates of creation and fruition of the work to which we are accustomed, is proposing an idea of ​​music that replaces the sounds of traditional instruments idea of ​​the city and the territory as a ‘body sounding ‘, in which the performer moves from one place to another making imaginary dance steps, and in suggesting new terms of space and time that exceed the boundaries of a concert or a performance limited to a stage and an evening. It is a song that compels us to follow paths not anticipated and out of the ordinary, free from the logic of utility and functionality. It is an idea of ​​music that leads to the discovery of the territory in which we live, the intrinsic quality sound and expressive of the City of 100 steps and, today, even the 427 sounds.

download it here:      https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15507327/A_DIP_IN_THE_LAKE_FOR_POTENZA_AND_VICINITY-live.wav.zip